Discover Le VPN Premium, Le VPN new offer

Discover Le VPN Premium, Le VPN new offer

Le VPN team is pleased to announce the launch of Le VPN Premium, a new product with additional features that have not been previously available in the versions of Le VPN Pro and Le VPN Ultimate.

Discover its key advantages:

  • Servers in 12 countries 

With Le VPN you can choose to base your IP address in one of  the following countries: USA, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia and Ukraine.

  • A new security protocol: L2TP/IPSEC 

Besides the 2 existing VPN protocols: PPTP and OpenVPN, we have now added a 3rd protocol: L2TP over IPSEC (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol/ Internet Protocol Security). The L2TP/IPSEC protocol is easy to setup and to configure on your laptop, computer or mobile device. It is also one of the best VPN protocols to bypass restrictions by networks and Internet service providers.

  • The possibility of 2 simultaneous connections 

A new Le VPN Premium allows two VPN connections at the same time, including from two different devices. This is a completely new feature that has not been previously available on Le VPN products.

Enjoy Le VPN Premium for an increasingly comprehensive secure internet connection.



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