Deloitte Survey: Viewers Prefer Streaming Services Over Local Cable TV

Deloitte Survey: Viewers Prefer Streaming Services Over Local Cable TV

In the past few years, there is a change in the television viewing habits of people. And the reason is Netflix. Gone are the days when people hooked to the television. Nowadays viewers are more inclined towards streaming services. Especially the young generation prefers streaming services like Netflix France and Amazon instead of cable television, as streaming services are convenient.

The Steady Rise Of Streaming Services

According to specific survey reports it is clear that streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are giving cable television a tough fight. There are many reasons due to which cable television is lagging behind. Unlike streaming services, you do not get the liberty to watch shows as and when you like. You also get to view only those channels that are available in your area.

2018 Digital Media Trends Survey

If you check with people what they will prefer between the two, their choice is the streaming services. This has become very clear with the Deloitte 2018 Digital Media Trends Survey. As per the survey, 55% of US households subscribe for a minimum one video streaming service in 2017, as compared to only 9% in 2009. Similarly, the number of pay-TV subscribers dropped drastically.

Nonetheless, streaming services like Netflix France or the USA can be viewed only in certain places. In case of specific streaming services, you may face the problem of geo-restrictions. For those who want to watch Netflix France even in countries where it is not aired, need to use virtual private network services.

Unblock Netflix France With A VPN

In case of virtual private network services, you will have to update the IP to that of the VPN service provider. This way you can overcome the internet censorship. You can easily watch Netflix France from any part of the globe. But for this, you need to select a right VPN service provider. Some service providers offer free packages, but they are not very reliable. Select only a trustworthy service provider like Le VPN.

Why Select Le VPN?

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With Netflix, cable television is almost a thing of the past. Generation these days prefers streaming services. If you are facing the problem of inaccessible streaming services in your country, then pick Le VPN. Our HybridVPN service is an ideal mix of fastest VPN service and a SmartDNS.

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