Cybercrime means money

Cybercrime means money

Cybercrime means money

Cybercrime means money for a lot of cybercriminals continue to get more professional. Those who want to launch cyber-attacks are still willing to pay more to exploit any software vulnerability.

Thus, for a new attack created in Java or Flash, the gain can be up to US$ 100,000 paid by a “Paunch” criminal, the designer of “Blackhole” malware.

Forbes has published a study showing the amounts that cybercriminals are willing to pay to exploit new vulnerabilities as Cybercrime means money. Thus, one finds a vulnerability in Adobe Reader may be reaching between US$ 5,000 and US$ 30,000, one for MacOS X US$ 50,000, US$ 60,000 for Android, US$ 120,000 for Windows and up to US$ 200,000 for Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers.

Whatever their motives, hackers represents a real threat as Cybercrime means money. You need to protect your computer, your mobile phone and your network and to be careful with what information you share, and where you share it.

To protect your computer or mobile, choose a VPN service: Le VPN encrypts your Internet connections and keeps private the sites you visit and the information you leave on these sites.

Any information you send will go directly into your secure virtual tunnel. With Le VPN service, you can easily direct your traffic as coming from one of the 20 available countries. Your computer and your mobile phone or tablet will connect to the Internet from one of these countries and no one can intercept your online business. Changing your IP simply through Le VPN service is one of the most important steps to surf the Internet safely and anonymously.



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