Microsoft and the FBI to assault the Citadel networks

Microsoft and the FBI to assault the Citadel networks


Microsoft and the FBI are assaulting the Citadel networks. Microsoft and the FBI have launched a specific attack against botnets, those networks of zombie computers infected with malware, without their users knowing about it. With the support of more than 80 countries, they thus have launched a strong offensive against one of the largest cybercrime networks in the world suspected of stealing about 400 million euros in bank accounts around the world.

These “botnets” Citadel networks used by cybercriminals allowed them to extort money from major banks including American Express, Bank of America, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, PayPal, HSBC, but also JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canada and Wells Fargo .

Botnets are actually computer networks called “botnets” that are infected with malware and misused without their users’ knowledge. Controlled by remote servers, they are used to send spam, spread viruses and commit financial crimes. Citadel works by disabling antivirus on each infected to prevent detecting malware machine.

On June 5th, Microsoft announced that it had halted operations at least a thousand botnets using the estimated 1400 Citadel software.

According to Reuters, the FBI said it was cooperating with Europol and other criminal policies of nearly 80 countries to challenge Citadel operators, whose identity is still unknown. However, the FBI said to have made good progress on the investigation.

Australia, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Iceland, India and Spain are some of the countries involved in this investigation. According to Microsoft, the chief Citadel, known under the name of “Aquabox” is probably located in Eastern Europe and works with nearly 81 “breeders” who operate botnets worldwide.

This is a new type of collaboration between Microsoft and the FBI, the latter having been called by Microsoft end of May.

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