Why To Choose Paid VPN Services?

Why To Choose Paid VPN Services?

In matters of technology, it is always better to turn to a reliable service provider as compared to less-known options at cheaper services. For example, VPN services come in both free and paid versions. And people are mostly in two minds as what to choose. Hence, it is important to do a VPN test before going for a permanent connection.

Those working in the information security field or are just aware of VPN networks know exactly what to go for. But, you and I may not know the answer. So, here are a few reasons which will help make your decision in a much more informed manner, regarding free and paid VPN networks.

What Is A VPN Network?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is a process by which we secure our personal and public networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Though mostly in use by organizations to protect sensitive information, the concept of personal VPNs increases as interactions now depends more and more upon the Internet. The VPN increases your privacy by replacing your original IP address with the one given by the provider themselves. VPNs use encryption protocols and other safety techniques to protect your personal data. A safe and secure VPN connection is essential to fight against new security threats and overdependence on the internet. However, regular integrity checks are also important to ensure your data security.

Pick Best VPN Service With A VPN Test

As mentioned above, VPN services come in both free and paid services. However, free VPN can give you a false idea of security. As free VPNs still need to pay for its services. Therefore, your free VPN service may start tracking your own web traffic instead of ensuring your own privacy. Not just web traffic, they can also pick up private information like your IP address, the duration of your VPN service and your visited websites. Some other disadvantages include frequent pop-up advertisements, slower bandwidth speed and out-of-date protection.

However, paid VPNs cost much lesser than you think. They also come with a lot of advantages, one of them is avoiding the above issues. In any case, it is important to do a VPN test before making a final decision.

Why Choose Paid VPN Services?

 a. Stable connection – With a paid VPN connection, you have a stable connection all the time. Thus saving yourself from loose connections, data-loading problems and frequent loss of connection. Paid services are generally much more technologically capable and suitable to their customer’s needs than their free counterparts.

b. High-speed connection – You get a guaranteed high-speed connection as good as yours without any VPN. You get better speed if you connect to a VPN server available in your own country or a server at the nearby location.

c. Easy installation, easy starting up – As compared to free VPN services, paid VPN services are much simpler to install and don’t require any technical knowledge to work with it.

d. No risk of hacking – Paid VPN services work in a transparent manner. It includes a “Terms and Conditions” statement that talks about confidentiality and data use between the client and provider. However, using a free VPN service with no background knowledge may land you in trouble. You mostly tend to disclose all your online transactions and other browsing information in public. It is always good to do a VPN test to protect your information from being misused for unlawful reasons.

e. Protection from cybercrime – Free VPN services may be misused for cybercrime purposes. As they are unregistered, it may be just a fraud. However, paid VPN services have security arrangements that protect customers against any form of cybercrime. And therefore, protect your information. Again, do go for a VPN test to avoid any future mishaps.

Therefore, it is always better to pay a little more, but reap the long-term benefits using a paid VPN service. If you are still unsure of making a decision, please know that Le VPN offers you a 7-day trial for all its new users on its iOS and Android apps.



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