China Accused of Huge Breach of US Government Data

China Accused of Huge Breach of US Government Data

Only months after the US government suffered a data breach from hackers thought to be of Russian origin, President Obama is having to deal with another attack on home soil, this time with China accused of huge breach of US government data. This time, the attack came on OPM, the Office of Personnel Management, which holds data on the entire staff of the US government. This isn’t the first time China have been accused of conducting cyber attacks on the USA, with this breach of security potentially affecting over four million employees nationwide.

The OPM acts as a human resources to the federal government, and security experts subsequently blamed the Chinese in connection to the attacks. This caused Chinese authorities to issue a statement denying any connection the data breach, stating that the US’s accusations were “unscientific and irresponsible”. The past attacks that have been attributed to China came back in 2014 where it was revealed that Chinese hackers were behind attacks on US military networks.

This has been the latest attack on America since the IRS data breach occurred last month, putting over 100,000 tax payers’ data at risk. It is not known as to why these attacks happened, or what the hacker’s were hoping to achieve, but what is known is that the OPM has records of many employees of the US government with high security clearances.

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