Australia Introduce Data Retention Law

Australia Introduce Data Retention Law

A new law passed in Australia has meant that internet service providers are required by law to store customer’s data for up to two years, in a move many deem to be controversial. Similar to the laws passed in the UK, these new measures are enforced to combat a growing threat in national security. This move has worried many as it is seen as more intrusive on Australians, as citizen’s privacy is now at stake.

Australia internet privacy has now come under scrutiny as private information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, time and date of communications and even how and where the customer is connecting to the internet from, will be collected and stored by internet service providers for anyone wanting to see. This isn’t the first time mass surveillance has been used on a country’s citizens but it is the first time in Australia that a law has passed allowing these companies to store such vast amounts of data on its customers.

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