Anonymous Internet Browsing With IP Changer

Anonymous Internet Browsing With IP Changer

There are many reasons for hiding your real IP address. Some hide the IP address to prevent web tracking, some may do this to hide their location, and some do this to bypass content filters or censorship. IP changer is a network tool that allows you to change your IP address, DNS server, Gateway and DHCP without any problem. IP changer allows to hide your real IP address. Hence, you can browse the internet with total anonymity.

What Is An IP Address And IP Changer?

An IP address is a unique number related to network-connected devices, computers and phones. It is an important factor that helps in sending and receiving data from your system. IP changer is also crucial to understand the location of the system or computer, i.e. from where the person is browsing the internet. When a person decides to change the IP address, the main motto is to keep their anonymity online. Hence, IP changer is a method to hide your whereabouts.

Want To Know More?

The IP changer displays information about the current network configuration such as IP address, DHCP, DNS and DNS server. An IP changer redirects the internet traffic, which makes it impossible for anyone to track your browsing history. The traffic is sent through many servers which mask your real IP address.

How To Change Your IP?

Web-based proxies: You can change your IP address through web-based proxies. Or changing your network setting also serves the purpose. Proxy servers boost your security and allow you to unblock any restricted websites online. However, a virtual private network is a more reliable method.

Using a Virtual Private Network: Virtual Private Network or VPN is one of the best methods used as IP changer. When you use a Virtual Private Network to go online, your real IP address is replaced with the IP address that the network provides. The IP address relates to any location in the world where the service provider operates the servers. Thus, your online identity is secure because no one can identify your location.

Le VPN As An IP Changer

Le VPN has servers across 100+ locations. As a result, you can change your own IP address very easily. You can keep your information hidden as Le VPN allows you to switch between multiple servers. With Le VPN, you can keep your digital anonymity. We generally tend to use our Android mobile phone for internet access. And in case we are travelling to a country where a particular website is inaccessible, then Le VPN’s VPN for Android application allows us to unblock any website. This newly launched app lets us to change your IP address to a different location and connect to global VPN. Consequently, we can access restricted content, unblock sites, access private internet and much more.



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