Advice for working by the pool

Advice for working by the pool

Summer vacation time is here! We hope that you are also among the lucky ones enjoying themselves on the beach somewhere in the world!

However, if you are among the unfortunate ones who had to bring their work with them – working on the beach is still much nicer than in the office!

Some simple advice for those working on the laptop by the pool or on the beach:

1/ Remember to often change your sitting position, otherwise you risk very interesting tan lines on your hips and knees.

2/ Watch out not to overheat your laptop in the sun, as it can be damaging for your hardware.

3/ Think to use a VPN when sending confidential and financial information over internet. This will protect your data from being hijacked or listened to.

4/ When in an exotic country, remember to use a VPN server in the country of your normal residence when making online payments or accessing password protected websites. This will avoid you double verification and in some cases- your bank cards being declined for security reasons.

5/ The last but not least, try to work less and jump in that pool / sea instead! But please… without your laptop!




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