7 simple tips to avoid cybercrime

7 simple tips to avoid cybercrime

Cybercrime does not only affect others. Be careful and you will be protected from hackers and other malpractice from the specialists of Internet identity theft. We offer you below 7 simple tips to prevent being the next victim of cybercriminals.

1. Do not let your passwords be accessible to others: do not write your passwords on paper or in your computer or phone. Do the effort to remember them by heart; because even the clouds or secure passwords banks are not safe. If you want to be safe from Internet identity theft, you should be more careful.

2. Do not just click on all links sent in the e-mails you receive. Think before you click 7 times and ask yourself, for example, why you write your bank. In all cases, no decent professional would contact you about your personal data by e-mail. Equip yourself with a webmail like gmail or yahoo, that sort spam in a powerful way, so as to avoid the majority of spam messages.

3. Do not let your mouse drag on all Internet sites. If you go to shady sites, illegal downloading etc … don’t be surprised to be hacked … just take your responsibilities.

4. Avoid using Wi-Fi in bars, hotels and other train stations, because if they are convenient, they are also accessible to everyone, including cybercriminals.

5. Make sure to have a powerful antivirus and to perform updates regularly. The free things are never 100% safe, so choose a quality antivirus.

6. Be cautious about your bank accounts. Monitor them accounts regularly to identify any suspect payment. If anything is suspect, call your banker without hesitation for him/her to be more cautious. And be reassured when you are proposed to use the 3D secure payment because it is an additional security stage, although it is still not 100% sure.

7. Choose a VPN: this is the solution to prevent cybercriminals interested in your personal data to trace your Internet activities. You will ensure that your online activities, online banking and all your downloads will do safely. Simply select a VPN server in one of the available countries so as to protect all your Internet activities with a secure virtual VPN tunnel, including a very strong encryption. Your IP address will be automatically replaced by an anonymous IP address in the country you have selected, allowing you to access to all your favorite media sites.



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