5 Benefits of a Paid VPN Service

5 Benefits of a Paid VPN Service

Nothing free is really free, right? Then why are you using a free VPN? Believe it or not there are substantial benefits of a paid VPN service.

The Benefits Of Paid VPN

It goes without saying that nothing free is really free. There are always strings attached and this is most especially true of the Internet. The “free” giveaways services invariably turn out to be platforms for ads, pop-up malware, data mining and privacy invasion. Free VPNs are no different. These services may keep you safe from external threats but with a nefarious intent, to keep you isolated and alone while they pump your machine full of tracking tokens, fill your screens with pop up ads and track your surfing habits. Not for their educational purposes but so they can sell it to someone else. Seems to defeat the purpose, huh? I bet you want to know more about a paid VPN service now.

1. VPN Without Speed Loss

One of the biggest drawbacks of free VPN is throttling. Yeah right, throttling. The practice of slowing connection speeds in order to save on bandwidth, one of the key points in the debate on net neutrality and a top five reason why you want to use a VPN, is perpetrated by free VPNs. They have to, they are buying bandwidth from someone else, possibly a white label affiliate network providing these same services to free VPNs all across the net, and have limited resources. A paid VPN service like Le VPN will never do that. It is totally against their principles and the mission of the company. If you want to have unrestricted totally free access to the net you need to pay up, good thing it only cost a few dollars a month.

2. VPN Without Ads

Malware, pop-ups, advertising, you know, the stuff that ties up your machine, blocks your view of the web browser and is generally a total pain in the butt. This is yet another of the many benefits of VPN that are compromised by the free VPN providers. They aren’t just giving this service away. They have servers, networks and bandwidth providers to pay and the money isn’t growing on trees. It’s growing in their accounts from all those ads they’ve been serving you.

3. VPN That Doesn’t Track Web Surfing

Yes, once again your good old free VPN is doing to you what you are using it to protect you from. When you use a free VPN you never really know who is behind it, what their purposes are or what kind of data they are tracking. Sure, the website may say that they don’t log or track but can you trust them if you don’t know who they are? At worst they will build a complete file starting with your personal information and ending with all your surfing habits.

4. No Sub-Par Service

Free VPNs give sub par service. Assuming first that the network is actually comparable to one you would get from a paid service let’s think about this. Free VPNs are an attractive vehicle of entry for cyber crime, they’re free and they keep the criminals hidden as well as they do you. This means that many of them are already black-listed by IPs, firewalls, malware, networks and websites across the net. The point of using a VPN is to be able to go anywhere on the net you want, at anytime without a loss of speed or data and the free ones just can’t provide it.

5. Free VPNs Are Usually An Internet Scam

Free VPNs are an Internet scam, plain and simple. You may find one provided by a school or business or some other organization that you can trust but for the most part they are all scams. The free part lures in the suckers, the software can be classified as malware (it installs adware, tracking, etc.), they track your use and sell your data. VPN is supposed to protect you from all that.

One of the best paid VPN services is Le VPN. At only $4.95 per month it is by far cheaper to use than the damage a free VPN could cause. They have servers in more than 100+ locations, support 4 levels of VPN protocol /security and can be used on any device including a wireless router for whole-home /business protection.

*Article Updated On December 5th, 2018.*



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Written by Vuk Mujović @VukMujovic

Vuk Mujović is the founder of MacTíre Consulting, an analyst, data management expert, and a long-term writer on all things business & tech. He authored blogs, articles, and opinion pieces aimed to help both companies and individuals achieve growth without compromising their security. Vuk is a regular guest author to Le VPN Blog since January 2018, where he gives his expert opinion on the topics related to cybersecurity, privacy, online freedom, and personal data protection. He also often shares his tips and best practices in relation to internet security and digital safety of private individuals and small businesses, including some additional applications of using a VPN service.

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