22 million users of Yahoo Japan may have been stolen their account data

22 million users of Yahoo Japan may have been stolen their account data

Yahoo Japan

22 million users of Yahoo Japan had to be stealing access by cybercriminals who illegally enter the portal administrative system data. A spokesman for Yahoo Japan who spoke on the subject admits, “we do not know whether information about personal data was stolen or not, but we have serious doubts, given the volume of demand on our server.”

The information does not involve passwords and info requirements to recover passwords or forgotten passwords. But Yahoo Japan set that it will put in place extra security measures to prevent such incident to happen. In 2011, Sony Corporation had suffered such case, with access codes and birth dates of more than 100,000 people in Japan seized by cybercriminals through hacking the Playstation platform.

The Japanese government acknowledges that the preventive measures to fight against cybercrime are still undervalued. However, the national police stated this month it will set up a dedicated team to analyze and combat this type of cyber-attacks.

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