How to get a UK postal code to stream ITV from abroad

How to get a UK postal code to stream ITV from abroad

Watching channels like ITV on-demand for viewers in the United Kingdom is pretty simple as you can use your home postcode, but what happens if you’re accessing these platforms from abroad?

ITV and other streaming providers use geo-restrictions that prevent users from accessing the platforms from abroad. For some UK streaming providers, there’s a requirement to enter a valid UK postal code so the service can check your registration is authentic and that you’re not connecting from the other side of the world. Fortunately, this requirement isn’t foolproof, so I’ll show you an easy workaround to have you up and running with the latest TV in no time.

How to get a UK postal code FAST

In a rush? I’ll explain how to get a postcode that you can use with services like ITV Hub – no, I’m not giving away my personal postcode). these steps will work regardless of where you are located.

  1. Head over to google and search for well-known landmarks in the UK – for example, search for “The Tower of London.”
  2. The Tower of London address and its postcode “E1W 1LD” will be listed on the right-hand side of the search results.
  3. Open Le VPN on your device and connect to a UK VPN server.
  4. Open the registration screen and enter a few details on ITV Hub.
  5. When you reach the point of the UK postal code requirement, enter a postcode of your choice per the search steps above.
  6. Enjoy watching UK TV from anywhere!

Note: Only postcodes in England, Scotland, and Wales will work with UK streaming services. Ireland postcodes will not work.

If you want to skip the search part of the steps above, here are a few notable postcodes in different parts of the United Kingdom:

  • Legoland – SL4 4AY
  • Glasgow Airport – PA3 2ST
  • Snowdon Castle – LL55 4UB

Having problems accessing ITV Hub with Le VPN?

If you’ve successfully set up your account and you’re experiencing an error message when trying to stream a UK TV channel, don’t worry! There are several tried and tested fixes to resolve your issue below:

  1. Swap servers: Streaming providers like ITV HUB detect VPN usage when many users access services using the same IP address (which is common with VPNs). Once detected, the services may blacklist IP address ranges for the servers identified. To get around this, we’d recommend trying a different UK server to see if it resolves your issue.
  2. Clear your browser cache: When you access UK streaming platforms from abroad without Le VPN, you’ll likely run into geo-restrictions that block your connection. The provider stores a tracking cookie, and your browser caches the page for a faster load time on your next visit. I’d recommend wiping your browser cache to ensure previous geo-blocks aren’t still being applied when you connect with Le VPN.
  3. Check for updates: Le VPN regularly updates its apps to iron out any bugs or vulnerabilities. If you’re running an old version of our app, it’s worth updating to see if your issue persists.

If you still have problems, reach out to our friendly support team, and someone will be in contact asap.

FAQs about getting a UK postal code for ITV Hub

ITV Hub is free and doesn’t require a license fee. ITV is supported by advertising, the broadcaster’s primary funding source.

Is ITV Hub free?

Yes, ITV Hub is completely free and doesn’t require a license fee. ITV is supported by advertising which is the main funding source for the broadcaster.

Will I get into trouble for using a UK postal code from abroad?

No, it is extremely unlikely you’ll get into trouble using a UK postcode to access services like ITV Hub or 4OD from abroad. While it may be against the streaming provider’s terms of use, the postal code is only used to verify your location, so you aren’t doing anything illegal.



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