UK Intelligence Agency Release Password Advice

UK Intelligence Agency Release Password Advice

The GCHQ, the intelligence agency in the UK, has released an informative report on how people could and should simplify their passwords. The file, named “Password guidance: simplifying your approach” hopes to teach users that instead of using difficult combinations of letter and numbers in order to secure their online presence, that they should instead use three random words. This will hopefully prevent users from using the same complex password for many difference accounts because people can only remember one complex password. By using three seemingly random words, passwords become more varied and much more difficult to crack. Not to mention, they will now become so much easier to remember. But as the UK intelligence agency release password advice, many are sceptical.

The GCHQ have since come under scrutiny over the leaked documents exposed by the Snowden revelations several years back. The documents proved that the UK intelligence agency had been guilty of snooping on people’s online activity, as well as recently advocating for back doors to software and weakening of encryption in line with enforcing a more secure in order to protect civilians for surveillance purposes. This move might spark some opposition from those who feel they cannot trust what GCHQ are saying. But security experts have responded positively to the report.

The report contains many logical and straight forward advice that may be lost on most users. Default passwords that are usually shipped with hardware and software are notoriously at fault for many security breaches as many people simply leave them as they are. This of course makes it very easy for anyone with the knowhow to hack into a system. The report advises these default passwords be amended before deployment, as well as removing the common practise of password sharing between users. Other aspects of the report advise users to implement higher levels of security and authentication for admins and those who work remotely. It is at this level, that most of the high profile hacks and security breaches occur. Two-step authentication is one such tried and tested method to increase the security.

With the advice coming at a good time with the industry being constantly bombarded with security scares, hacks and other forms of cyber attacks, this sort of information should be in the hands of the general public as well as business owners. If you are concerned with online security, having a VPN is also another great way in ensuring your personal data stays private. Le VPN allows you to protect your online presence, no matter what device you use.

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