Sotchi gets ready to host the Olympic Games of espionage

Sotchi gets ready to host the Olympic Games of espionage

The Russian government is reportedly going to monitor “all communications” during the Winter 2014 Olympics. The Guardian newspaper found out that authorities are backing up the game’s Black Sea resort of Sochi with tremendous surveillance. Investigators realised that “major amendments have been made to telephone and Wi-Fi networks in the Black Sea resort to ensure extensive and all-permeating monitoring and filtering of all traffic, using Sorm, Russia’s system for intercepting phone and internet communications.”

This scandal already has a funny but meaningful nickname “Prism on steroids.”

The Guardian explains that the major difference between the U.S. and Russia consists of the laws governing the data gathering. Leaked reports proved indeed that both countries may be monitoring all communication, but the U.S. has – in theory – strict laws concerning how such data can be accessed and analyzed. Russia does not even bother about such things…

“Business travelers should be particularly aware that trade secrets, negotiating positions, and other sensitive information may be taken and shared with competitors, counterparts, and/or Russian regulatory and legal entities,” warns a U.S. State Department report that was released earlier this year. The document actually advises travelers on how to avoid spying practices for their communication, including removing batteries from their phone when it is not in use.

There is already much controversy about these Games, some calling for a boycott. President Poutine recently announced that no gathering should be allowed during the time of the Olympics Games… between January 7th to March 21st

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