Sony PlayStation 5: The New Big Thing

Sony PlayStation 5: The New Big Thing

While there were some delays because of everything happening globally, the new Sony PlayStation 5 will be out this year. Even though the memes might seem disparaging, the reception from the public is right.

With stronger hardware and more adaptive software capabilities, developers will have a generally free range to make great games. Aside from the new technologies, there is also the new design that spurred both jokes and interest.

Finally, with new advancements come new concerns. There will be a lot of data passing through your new PS5. Cybersecurity companies like Le VPN are already building new systems to optimize for the console, and you will need to improve all of the solutions used for your current setup.

How Powerful is the Sony PlayStation 5?

Sony PlayStation 5: The New Big Thing. | Le VPN

The PS5 is amazingly powerful. Even without console adjusted optimization, the CPU and the GPU inside are comparable to a perfect gaming PC. The specifications note that the overall increase is ~100%, a.k. double, from the current generation of consoles.

And most of these things are possible because of the change in design. Instead of being laid down like a brick, the new consoles will need to stand upright.

Air circulation and cooling are essential. This difference in design will increase the thermal budget of the components and make all of the components work much better. The result will be that the improvements for gaming will be even greater than the specs alone suggest.

New Advancements in Gaming

For most people, the most important question about the new Sony console is how it will play games. Proper hardware means nothing if we won’t have fun and immersive games to use it on.

In this perspective, Sony is obviously looking towards the future. Not only will the developers have a much easier time telling their story through the console, but there are also even more options for peripherals now.

Three aspects will amaze gamers and would be the main selling point of this generation of consoles in general.

Primarily, all games can now be done in 4K resolutions and still keep the 60fps needed for a pleasurable experience. Both the CPU and the GPU are more than enough to keep these rates stable and not fluctuate too much.

Technically speaking, some games might even work at higher rates. But, as most TVs have a hard cap because of their refresh rate, this won’t be noticeable for a vast majority of players.

On top of all that, the new Sony console will work seamlessly with VR sets and would be able to provide a vast open-world for RPG games.

VR Ready

The only reason why VR isn’t yet booming when it comes to games is that we are not there yet for either power or pricing. But that is about to change. With the new consoles focusing a lot on VR support and having the muscle to make it work, developers will probably jump to the opportunity.

With Sony’s new 3D sound technology and the dropping prices of VR sets in general, we can see a new age in gaming just over the horizon.

More Open Worlds

The last generation consoles were found lacing in one field, in particular, the data drive. Without an SSD, loading times were much longer, and you weren’t able to place the same amount of items loaded at the same time.

But now, Sony is all in when it comes to its drive. The new Sony PlayStation 5 will have less storage than the previous X model, but what it has will be much better. This will remove the choke point for many of the current PS4 titles that will be compatible with the new version.

There are some Risks

This is the old rule that the more stuff there is, the more stuff can break. While there are yet no red flags when it comes to hardware, the software is a different question.

The new Orbis OS that will be operating the Sony PlayStation 5 will have a set of cybersecurity measures that will prevent other players from compromising your console. These will also be useful for fighting harassment and targeting, as well as doxing.

But, your PS5 will still show its IP address as well as that of the router it is connected to. If you are, for whichever reason, targeted specifically, you will be somewhat at risk from your device being hacked and your data stolen.

In most cases, it was advised for console owners in general to use a VPN router. That might be the only way to protect all of your devices, including your Smart TV, console, and mobile phone.

Companies on Thin Ice

Especially with Sony censorship exhibited by the parent company, large corporations and platforms are on thin ice as far as consumer support. We are all watching with squinted eyes to see if we can trust the manufacturer and the developers making games.

Hopefully, we are on the exiting end of all this drama about what games should people play and which are devil-worshiping and society-breaking games. Yes, it is funny how rioting started a week after GTA 5 became free to play, but the reasons for those riots precede electricity, let alone video games.


With everything we know, the new console generation will be awesome. Because of the planned peripherals, Sony PlayStation 5 will probably take the lead this time. These are all excellent news for gamers.

And as for cybersecurity, the old rules apply; companies like Le VPN will protect your devices, and your common sense will do the rest.



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Written by Vuk Mujović @VukMujovic

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