Staying Safe Online This Social Media Day

Staying Safe Online This Social Media Day

Social Media Day

Social media is an integral part of almost everybody’s life today. Be it to connect and communicate with friends, to run our businesses or to promote a product, event or cause. Mashable recognized the role that social media plays in our lives back in 2010, commemorating the first Social Media Day on June 30th. Since then, every year social media aficionados celebrate the significance of our virtual world on this date. The day is celebrated by often spreading awareness about various issues relating to the online world.

We take the opportunity this Social Media Day to talk about the most pertinent issue netizens’ face today – the issue of online security. With the tremendous rise in usage of social media, it is a very important topic.

How Do We Stay Safe?

The internet is a goldmine of information, but it also has its pitfalls. It is important that a user steer clear of the many online threats present in this day and age to ensure smooth and secure browsing. On Social Media Day 2017, let us understand the frailties of a public access network and how we can bypass these dangers.

In any public network, generally a breach in security at one terminal can potentially affect every other terminal connected to the network. The most effective manner of preventing this is the usage of VPN servers. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a private sub-network within a private network, which provides you with an encrypted and far more secure pathway for accessing the internet, benefiting from the security that is provided by the private network.

Unlocking the Internet

This would not be Social Media Day if we didn’t provide you with tools to watch that favorite TV series that is not available for streaming in your country. Check out the list of best VPN apps available in the market today.  And when we talk about the best VPN service providers, how can we not name Le VPN.

With Le VPN, you can change your IP address to any of the over 100 countries covered by it to suit your needs. This way, you bypass territorial restrictions, internet censorship and essentially unlock the entirety of the internet at your disposal.

Privacy and Security

Le VPN has VPN servers in 100+ locations. You can use any of these servers to login and keep your location private. That means you can browse the internet anonymously. This provides your identity the absolute privacy that it needs. At the same time, leaves no digital footprints behind. In addition, it frees the users from any internet restrictions that might come with revealing IP and location. Le VPN offers a far better option of browsing through social media without the travails of territorial boundaries. VPNs are the easiest and most convenient way to ensure the online security.

We have seen how best to approach social media while keeping your identity personal and your locations restriction-free. The usage of private servers enhances your experience online for many such reasons. Hopefully, this Social Media Day is all the better for you after following these simple tips.



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