Russian-American cooperation against cybercrime

Russian-American cooperation against cybercrime

Did you ever realize that there was a Russian-American cooperation?The United States and Russia are also vulnerable to attacks in the cyberspace. Therefore government experts and analysts ingare try to identify on how the traditional arms control can be applied to a possible new type of war.

The United States and Russia are even considering using a direct channel of communication in an emergency related to cybersecurity. According to reports, the main provisions of the Russian-American cooperation(the agreement) are already approved.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of the Interior and the FBI just announced that they would cooperate in the fight against cybercrime, as evoked by the Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, after meeting with Robert Muller, the director of FBI in Washington. “We must cooperate in the fight against international cybercrime. This collaboration can take the form of complex special operations organization. We attach great importance to the exchange of information to curb criminal activities in the field of information technology, as well as the study of hackers’ modus operandi of, “said the Russian minister.

In the meantime, M.Muller has praised the professionalism of Russian security specialists. He also called for closer cooperation with Russia in this field.

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