Responsibility transfer from Hadopi to CSA to happen soon

Responsibility transfer from Hadopi to CSA to happen soon

In France, the center of the High Authority for the dissemination of works and protection of rights on the Internet (Hadopi) still creates much controversy. According to two newspapers Les Echos and Liberation, the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) could take over the responsibilities of the Hadopi, ahead even of a large audiovisual law which should be implemented early 2014.

The government could take advantage of the law concerning public broadcasting autonomy that is now studied by the parliament, to pass the measure as early as October.

The Lescure report regarding the adaptation of the digital cultural policy to the new era was presented to the French President in May: it already recommended stopping the Hadopi law and entrusting the fight against illegal downloading to the CSA. The latter would thus become the “regulator of the digital cultural offer.”

Created in 2009, the Hadopi law was specifically dedicated to fight against piracy that is considered to create serious troubles for the music and film industry. This independent public authority was to monitor and punish users who engaged themselves in illegal downloading with penalties that ranged from warning emails to the strict cancellation of the Internet subscription.

Already in July, the Internet cut penalty was stopped. The government, through Aurélie Filippetti , Minister of Culture, had spoken on this occasion that its shall terminate the Hadopi ” all repressive system.”

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