Using public WIFI: protect your connection with VPN

Using public WIFI: protect your connection with VPN

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Many European capitals have already been praised with providing free WIFI access in the parks and other public places. Now Moscow joins the trend with free WIFI available in 14 parks.

While this fashion for working on your laptop in the park is very tempting, especially in the summer, how many realize the risks of internet browsing with public WIFI?

You’re at risk whenever you use WiFi on a public network. Anyone with a Firefox browser and a Firesheep tool can hijack your s

essions on the same network using a few dozen popular content, commerce, and social-networking sites by snarfing cookies that pass in the clear. But Firesheep is only the easiest to use of a series of freely available tools that can extract and record data passing openly over networks.

The only way to protect yourself in public WIFI is to secure all the connections over which you pass anything personal, financial, or confidential. Here comes Le VPN!

A virtual private network (VPN) connection encrypts all the data between a device and a VPN server on the other end, making your connection 100% secure, even when using a public WIFI.

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