Microsoft Skype Translator Translates Language

Microsoft Skype Translator Translates Language

Microsoft have released the first version of their Skype Translator, which allows translation between languages in realtime. For now, the software can only translate Spanish to English, but in the future, more languages will be added. The implications of such technology are endless, those who are travelling in a foreign country will be able to use it in order to speak the local dialect, or business meetings between different countries will no longer have to rely on a translator, everyone will be able to speak freely. Microsoft Skype Translator translates language in realtime, without the need to know another language, all whilst using artificial intelligence.

The technology relies on continued usage in order to become more advanced and accurate. The more the software is used, the smarter it becomes, being able to recognise more language far more accurately. The system understands and records speech, then rapidly translates it and outputs it as text-to-speech to the other user. Skype Translator will break down language barriers and being the world a lot closer.

As the technology improves and more languages are added, the more reliable the software will become. Every time the software is used, recorded data will be transmitted back to Microsoft and the language database will be updated to improve word matching. Of course, the data will be anonymous and conversations won’t be recorded themselves, just the words and match ups. So in the not so distant future, you will be having perfect conversations with someone from the other side of the world in your own language without even noticing a difference.




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