Majority of Internet Users Happy to Give Personal Information

Majority of Internet Users Happy to Give Personal Information

Ofcom research has revealed that seven out of ten internet users in the UK are more than happy to give personal information, however only one in five are willing to give out credit card information. The research survey carried out by the UK’s telecom regulator Ofcom of almost 2000 adults, focussing on internet usage and how concerned people are over security. Worryingly, less people are educated in the dangers of identity fraud and the potential harm it can do by giving out personal details.

Whilst the danger of credit card fraud is an obvious one, someone taking just your name, date of birth and address could potentially mean loans, mortgages, finance, phone contracts or any form of credit can be fraudulently taken out in your name. While this form of fraud isn’t necessarily taking any physical money belonging to you, instead it is damaging your credit, which will affect you at any point you try to get credit out in your name. Also, with large debts mounting in your name, you could potentially be footing the bill when your loaned amounts are left unpaid. The worst part is that you won’t necessarily be aware it has happened until it is too late.

Whenever you are online, always be aware of when you are required to input personal details like your name, date of birth and postal address. Always make sure the site you are inputting details are secure. One way to make sure is by using Le VPN to connect to the internet to ensure your connection is encrypted and secure, even if you are in a public wifi zone. Le VPN connects you straight to the internet, bypassing any potential middle man attacks, the kind that intercept your online activity, potentially replacing reputable sites with fake ones.

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