Quick and easy setup of VPN on any Windows system with Le VPN software

Le VPN Quickstart Windows


1) Download Le VPN PPTP dialer corresponding to your Windows version (How to know if your Windows is 32 or 64 bits?)

Windows 7, Vista and 8 32bit

Windows 7, Vista and 8 64bit

Windows XP, 2003 and 2000 32bit

Windows XP, 2003 and 2000 64bit

2) Execute downloaded file. Ignore security alerts if any.

3) You will be asked “Do you want to install Le VPN PPTP?” click “Yes”

4) You will be asked “Make this connection available to:” select the corresponding option:

“All users” – Le VPN will be available for all users on your computer

“My use only” – Le VPN will not be available for other users

Check “Add a shortcut on the desktop” and click “OK”


1) Find Le VPN PPTP icon on your desktop and double click it

2) Enter your Le VPN username and password and check “Remember my password” option

3) Click on “Properties” and select the VPN server to which you want to connect from the list

4) Press “OK” and then “Connect”


1) In the Windows Taskbar, click on the Network icon

2) Click on Le VPN PPTP, then click on the “Disconnect” button


The list of available servers is refreshed after each connection to Le VPN. There is no need to reinstall or update the software to add new Le VPN servers.