Le VPN Giveaway for our 7th Birthday: Win a PS4!

Le VPN Giveaway for our 7th Birthday: Win a PS4!

On November 10th Le VPN is celebrating it’s 7th Birthday with an exceptional Le VPN giveaway running for 7 days only: a chance to win a PS4 and have it delivered to your door step! Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity and play now!

Le VPN giveaway for our 7th Birthday: Your chance to win a PS4!

Seven years is a long time and Le VPN keeps on going strong, providing internet security solutions via its Le VPN apps and software to clients all over the world.

Huge THANK YOU goes to all our clients, many of whom have faithfully been with us from the very beginning of this adventure and keep us motivated to serve them better and improve our service every day!

How did we decide to celebrate these 7 exciting years? By thanking all our clients who help us succeed with a Special Offer and an Exceptional Le VPN Giveaway during the 7 days of our Birthday celebration!

The rules are very simple: wish us a Happy Birthday here or on social media, connection with us on various networks, share your opinion on our service.. Every entry counts! The more entries – the more chances to win!

The lucky PS4 winner will be announced on social media on November 17th! Stay tuned!

And if you are the lucky winner – we’ll make sure to contact you to ask for your delivery address, do not worry!
Win PS4 for Le VPN Birthday!

And the winner is happy with his prize (Update of November 23, 2017)

7 Years for Le VPN = 7 Days of Birthday Special for You

What else do we have prepared for you for our Birthday celebration? The Play Station 4 will go to only 1 lucky winner, but all of you can take advantage of our Birthday Special: 2-year plan for only $69.60 or only $2.90/month!

Le VPN Birthday Special is valid for 7 days starting from November 10th and is running along our Le VPN Giveaway Competition.

Le VPN Birthday Special: 2-year plan for only $69.60 or only $2.90/month!

Where did we come from and what have we achieved in 7 years?

Le VPN was born in Paris, France, on November 10, 2010. It was founded by a team of information security experts who were protecting Fortune 100 companies in France and abroad. During the boom of the Hadopi law in France (against P2P download) they witnessed people’s growing concerns about their Internet activities being monitored by government agencies, and saw an opportunity there. They decided to start protecting Internet connection and online activities of private individuals like you an me, by creating this startup that they called Le VPN which simply stands for “The VPN” in French (or “The Virtual Private Network”).

Back in 2010 Le VPN offering was very basic, what is now called an MVP (a Minimum Viable Product). According to the Lean Startup movement, we started Le VPN with offering our service to Internet users in France through VPN servers in only 5 countries with only 2 security protocols. The great feedback of our first clients validated our MVP test and inspired us to grow further!

As we saw that more and more people were looking to protect their internet activities and stay anonymous online, even those based outside of France and not influenced by the recent law, we decided to go global. Slightly over a year after its creation Le VPN moved its headquarters to Hong Kong and brought an INSEAD MBA to its executive team to start the international expansion.

The strategic location in Asia plus numerous virtual teams in Europe and the Americas allowed Le VPN to become a truely global VPN provider, and to provide almost a 24-hour client services in 5 languages.

Today, 7 years later, Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations, and serves clients in 5 major European languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian) from 160+ countries around the world.

This last year 2017 was marked by the launch of our new Le VPN software for Windows and Mac, as well as Le VPN apps for Android and iOS, offered with a free 7-day trials. Didn’t try them yet? Get them now and let us know what you think!

Supported by a growing number of happy clients, Le VPN team keeps on growing and adding more services and innovations to Le VPN offering.

The number of its security protocols greaw in 7 years from two to five, including a ground-breaking HybridVPN connection that was released in the beginning of 2015, on the top of a SmartDNS service launched in October 2014.

What does Le VPN service look like today at the age of 7 years old?

Le VPN products and services

  • 800+ VPN servers in 100+ locations. Unlimited switches between the servers and unlimited traffic. No additional fees for additional servers, everything is included in one all-inclusive Le VPN plan.
  • Custom-made Le VPN software for Windows and Mac, available in 5 languages.
  • Le VPN app for Android and iOS, available in 5 languages
  • 4 major security protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2 plus a HybridVPN.
  • Smart DNS service to automatically unblock all major online TV channels and media services in the US, UK and France.
  • 2 simultaneous connections from two different devices.
  • Growing support team, assisting clients in 5 major European languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian).
  • Lots of payment options available (including Bitcoin and alternative methods) and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Le VPN also offers ones of the most competitive prices on the market, with its Le VPN plans starting from only US$4.95 per month with a 7-day money-back guarantee and a flexibility to cancel any time.

Plus, all the new innovative solutions developed by Le VPN and the new releases that come out a few times a year, are always proposed to existing clients free of charge and are automatically upgraded in their plan.

Want to testify about your Le VPN experience? Feel free to do so in the comments below or on our social media.

Celebrate our 7th Birthday with us! Try to win Le VPN giveaway of PS4, take advantage of Le VPN Birthday Special and Enjoy the Internet by Your Own Rules!



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    Le VPN is without doubt the best virtual private network you can get. It’s stable, easy to use and most importantly…

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