How to unblock Skype or Viber

How to unblock Skype or Viber

If you are an expat or if you have been traveling abroad for a while, you certainly know that more and more countries use cybercensorship, by putting restrictions on website contents, access to websites and applications. This usually happens when you need to use VoIP services such as Skype or Viber to give news to your family or you need urgent information through mail or web search.

What happens in such cases? You will read on your screen an error message preventing you from viewing webpage contents, a website or to use some of your favorite software.
Several countries indeed do completely block the use of Skype, in order to limit or control freedom of expression, which is the case in China in particular. In some countries, this is also a way to boost, for instance, the government Internet Services Providers (ISP).

Here is the list of countries which do block Skype:

  • Saoudi Arabia
  • China
  • Comores Island
  • Djibouti
  • United Arabic Emirates (UAE)
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

In such countries FAI do block foreign websites, but also social networks and most VoIP software like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp that allow call abroad for cheaper or almost no cost. To go around cybercensorship, you just need to use the best VPN.
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a connection between your computer or tablet/smartphone and a server through a secure encrypted tunnel on the Internet. It is a network created artificially which bring security and keep your private life private. With a VPN connection, your computer is virtually based on the same territory and network servers than those of your VPN service provider.
With Le VPN, the best VPN, your Internet connection will be rerouted through the country of your choices (i.e. 100+ locations offered with 800+ servers). Your IP address will such become anonymous and will allow you to bypass censorship and go beyond Internet or software restrictions. The tunnel conveying your Internet traffic is encrypted, so that it is impossible for the ISP or government to block the software and listen to your conversations.

How to unblock Skype is just a few steps from you:

  • Subscribe to Le VPN
  • Install Le VPN software to get a secure and fast connection
  • In Le VPN software, select the US or European server that you want to use to base your IP in and select Extra Medias and one of the OpenVPN port.
  • Launch Skype and talk as much as you want and with who you want

You can also bypass foreign media being blocked in your country and be able to watch them whenever you want! You shall then unblock all channels and Netflix as if you were leaving in the UK, USA or Canada. You just need to select the server of the country where your favorite programme is, then to select online the channel or Netflix service of your choice to be able to watch it online, without any restriction.

Enjoy the internet by your rules with Le VPN!



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