Fight against cybercrime: a global agreement signed in Geneva

Fight against cybercrime: a global agreement signed in Geneva


The 5th World Telecommunication Policy and Information Technology and Communication Forum was completed on May 16th in Geneva (Switzerland) for a global agreement. This meeting was organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Its aim is to fight against virtual threats that have been growing in recent years and to develop partnerships with Member States and industry to fight against this scourge.

For three days, the discussion revolved around issues relating to cybersecurity, and ‘future actions and strategies to harmonize international cooperation “in this fight, as described in the organization press release. “Cybersecurity is a problem without borders, requiring a global approach and common efforts,” says Brahima Sanou, Director of Development Office of the ITU Telecommunication

This meeting allowed to reach an agreement to establish a “global index cybersecurity”, which will aim to facilitate the sharing of information between member states of the ITU. This will create a “safer environment for all users.”

The agreement between Ghana and the ITU to establish a team of national response to incidents in cyberspace represented another key point of this forum : “Ghana and becomes part of efforts to combat threats in cyberspace that are rooted in Africa,” said a Ghanaian responsible.

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