First suspension of internet access in France due to Hadopi

First suspension of internet access in France due to Hadopi

For the first time since the Hadopi law has been passed, a French internet user has been sentenced by the court to a suspension of its internet service, according to the PC website INpact.

The district court of Seine-Saint-Denis condemned this Internet user to a fine of 600 euros and a suspension of his connection for a period of two weeks. The Hadopi law has been in place since 2006 and provides a system of graduated responses that aims at operating as “a teaching device reminder of the law that has been established by the Commission for the Protection of Hadopi to fight against illicit trade in works protected by copyright or a neighboring law”.

The internet user suspected of a “lack of security” of its Internet line will thus receive a first notification by email, then by registered mail, before being contacted by Hadopi and receiving any penalty. But so far, despite several trials, no user had been sentenced to the suspension of its internet access, which has been felt as a very controversial measure and created much debate before the law was passed.

Moreover, it is not certain that the penalty can be applied: when the law was passed, the ISPs had explained that such suspension was technically complex, as the operator must still give the user access to his email account and his phone line.

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