FBI Want Backdoor Access in Order to Combat ISIS

FBI Want Backdoor Access in Order to Combat ISIS

With the debate raging on over whether or not encryption should be protected across the internet. There are arguments that ‘back doors’ should be created as a way for law enforcement agencies, as well as governments, to be able to access them. There is now another voice to be added to the discussion, as the FBI want backdoor access in order to combat ISIS. Since Apple announced it plans to reinforce its mobile security in an effort to protect its users from the dangers of hacking, the FBI are warning that doing so can also deprive police of potentially life-saving information.

But as with the world of online security, it is a double edged sword, protecting one innocent person from attack can also protect a hackers’ identity. But is compromising everyone’s privacy better in order to catch the minority? That is what technology companies and security experts are debating over, and with the FBI calling in ISIS as a reason for both ‘front’ and ‘back’ doors to be open in order to combat the growing online threat from ISIS overseas.

If the FBI do win in passing new legislation that would allow backdoors to be allowed into encryption software, the ramifications are numerous. Not only would law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies be legally able to access systems through ‘backdoor’ means, it would also open the door for anyone else to do the same. If this sort of access fell into the wrong hands, then it would surely spell bad news for the entire internet.

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