FBI prepares an interactive malware analysis system

FBI prepares an interactive malware analysis system

The federal agency shall launch this year its “Malware Investigator”, an interactive malware analysis system. It shall allow companies and individuals to better cope with cyber-attacks.
James Comey, who has been recently appointed as the new FBI director, announced that the agency was working on a system analyzing malicious software that would be implemented by the end of the year. It should allow companies and individuals to trace information on cyber-attacks but also to download malware samples and get reports.
Few details have yet been provided on the interactive malware analysis system. It is known that the system would be modeled on the “Binary Characterization and Analysis Storage System” that the FBI already uses to conduct its own investigations. The interactive system will be called “Malware Investigator”.
James Comey also said that this tool will be used to send a malware sample to the system and receive a fast report back. “The goal is to make sure that the information from various and many sources and to identify locations from which some types of cyber-attacks could be launched. He said that the Malware Investigator could act as a unified system for detecting threats.
This aims at processing visa malware and viruses as “fingerprint and DNA” which shall allow the FBI to identify suspects in criminal cases. James Comey said that “the launch of Malware Investigator will take place by the end of the year.” He also explained that the FBI wants more cooperation with businesses and other stakeholders to fight against cybercrime, especially to deal with massive denial of service attacks which are becoming more frequent.

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