E-Cigarettes Found to Contain Malware

E-Cigarettes Found to Contain Malware

E-cigarettes are big business, as many manufacturers all set out to compete against each other in helping people cut down on smoking. But with so many companies vying for competition, there are inevitably a few not so honest companies. Some of these e-cigarettes found to contain malware, aimed to infect your computers.

So when you go to charge the device via USB in your computer, the malware is transferred over, and given access to your machine. Malware can infect your computer, accessing data and personal information as well as installing unwanted software. But this isn’t the first time a device that is shipped with malware installed. Previously, digital photo frames have been the culprits of infecting the machines of unsuspecting customers when they are purchased from untrustworthy suppliers. Many imported goods from unknown companies that sell for much lower than the usual selling price are the ones that are most suspect.

One way to avoid these scams is to make sure you’re purchasing goods from trustworthy sellers, respectable companies who can be researched thoroughly and trusted. Try to refrain from buying online from overseas, especially China, as pretty much all of the malware affected items seem to come from there. Always keep anti-malware software up to date and stay vigilant. Any device that can charge through USB is just as susceptible in containing malicious software capable of infecting machines. So don’t always go for the cheaper option available online, make sure you can trust the company selling the products first.




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