Critical security breach in Skype – Steps to protect yourself!

Critical security breach in Skype – Steps to protect yourself!

security breach in SkypeLooks like there is a CRITICAL security breach in Skype.

Russian hackers published the step-by-step instructions of how to hijack someone’s account knowing only the target’s email. Vulnerability is confirmed by a few security experts but there are no official reaction from Skype. The temporary solution is to change your email address to private one, which nobody knows.

If you have received the following messages from Skype, your account is probably at serious risk:
1) “Welcome to Skype”
2) “Password marker”
3) “Password change”
If your account was hijacked you should try to login and change your email/password first and if it didn’t work – contact Skype support team.

We hope that this vulnerability will be fixed as soon as possible by Skype. In the meantime, please share this information with your friends!

Le VPN Information Security Team



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