Connected watches, a real technological breakthrough ?

Connected watches, a real technological breakthrough ?

Google Watch, I Watch, Galaxy Gear, Smart Watch … New connected watches keeping on coming out becoming always more sophisticated. But do they offer a real breakthrough to their users ?

The large number of actors should lead to the boom of the smart watches market. According to a study led by the consulting firm Canalys, a sales increase of 900 % is expected in 2014 compared to the 2013 forecasts. In the sector of wearable devices , the smart watch is much less intrusive than any other technology  But does it represent a real technological breakthrough or a simple digital gadget?

Axel Duplan, a manager at Greenwich Consulting explains that the concept of a general smartwatch , as recently presented by Samsung with its latest Galaxy Gear is just an extension of the experience of smartphones. According to Sébastien Lalaurette, a specialist of the Internet of Things in one of Intel’s subsidiaries : “The future of smart watches will be more oriented towards specific sectors. Builders have already started working on niche sectors, with Nike +  for instance offering athletic training measurement or Nissan dealing with connected cars. Why not one day a smart watch as a secure payment system? ”

However, there are several barriers to the mass use of smart watches. First of all, its price can be a major one. But we can also talk about the design and the battery life. “We must not forget that the smart watch is primarily a watch, a personal item, hence the need to work on the design” says Sébastien Lalaurette. It is therefore also if the final object is powerful and practical without being too bulky. There is also a debate about the digital identity when speaking of personal data on connected tools. “The brands and manufacturers have an interest in clarifying the conditions of the use of personal data generated by the user to avoid this big browser aspect” says Axel Duplan.

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