A major Chinese hacking group spotted

A major Chinese hacking group spotted

Computer security experts tracked down a group of advanced computer hacking specialists selling their service which has been in charge of key cyber-espionage attacks out of China in recent years.

Symantec Corp just announced that this expert hacker group, called “Hidden Lynx,” was known to be running many cyber espionage operations out of China, without linked it to the Chinese government.

The Symantec’s 28-page report explains that the Hidden Lynx group may have been involved in the 2009 Operation Aurora attacks, the most famous cyber espionage case against U.S. companies.

Indeed, during the Operation Aurora, hackers attacked Google Inc and several other companies such as Adobe Systems Inc.  Google announced the attacks in January 2010, explaining that some cybercriminals tried to read Gmail communications of human rights activists and that they also attempted to access and change targeted companies’ source codes.

Another study, released in February from the U.S. computer security firm Mandiant explained that a secret unit of the Chinese military was engaged in spying on American companies. The Chinese government denied the accusations though.
Symantec further explains that this Hidden Lynx group is based in China, where much of the infrastructure used to run the attacks is located and due to the malicious software was written with Chinese tools and code. The company also gave details on who is behind several recent attacks, including a breach at cyber security firm Bit9 and its clients.

It also connects Hidden Lynx to a major campaign called Voho, which was discovered in 2012 by the security firm RSA. Voho targeted hundreds of organizations in various sectors: finance, technology, healthcare, defense and event government agencies.

Symantec finally explained that Hidden Lynx group is a “professional organization” with 50 and 100 staff members, gathering various skills and knowledge: from network breaches to data stealing. Hacking can be prevented.

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