Becoming Secret Santa: How to Buy Anonymously Online?

Becoming Secret Santa: How to Buy Anonymously Online?

Privacy is a human right offline as well as online. Fortunately, one does not have to be a true computer expert to keep a low profile on the internet, as staying 100% hidden on the web is pretty much impossible. Although it is possible to remain anonymous when you purchase goods online, maintaining online anonymity is far from easy. One must take several steps to mask their online presence successfully and become a Secret Santa.

If you think that, as long as you are not carrying on anything wrong on the internet, you do not have anything to fear,  you are entirely incorrect. The reality is unless you make a big effort, you have absolutely no privacy or anonymity online.

Generally, there are many reasons why someone would choose to remain anonymous online; some of the main ones are:

  1. To protect their identity
  2. To protect their sensitive data
  3. To minimize their chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime

Becoming Secret Santa: How to Buy Anonymously Online? | Le VPN

In today’s day and age, privacy is very hard to come by, even when it comes to finances. As you already know, any time you make a purchase online, your transaction is recorded along with other private data about you.

Luckily, there are different ways to decrease the information you share when you are buying things online. So, believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy some privacy online in a world where everything seems to be an open book.

One of the most efficient and safest ways to stay anonymous while buying stuff online is to use a VPN. A VPN from trustworthy VPN providers such as Le VPN masks your online identity and encrypts everything you do on the internet, including making payments.

Use Virtual Credit Cards

By far, the easiest and most popular means to pay for things today is a credit card. However, if you are looking for a way to buy things anonymously so you can keep your privacy and protect yourself from fraudulent activities, a virtual credit card might be the perfect solution for you.

Generally, as identity theft cases continue to increase, more and more people are getting concerned about handing over their credit card information to a particular merchant when shopping online. Fortunately, there are multiple ways one can decrease their chances and opportunities of becoming a victim of cybercrime; one of them is to use a virtual credit card.

Unfortunately, there is not a single payment method that can prevent fraud from happening. Still, if someone tries to steal your data, a virtual credit card can provide you with peace of mind as it can not be traced back to your original crest card number, and you can cancel the virtual card immediately without closing your whole account.

Now, you might be wondering how mobile wallet applications such as Apple and Google Pay differ from virtual credit cards. Well, the main and most important difference is that the mobile wallet app still retains your actual account details to very and process transactions, while the virtual credit card conceals and protects your information during checkout.

However, virtual credit cards do come with some disadvantages. For instance, returns and refunds are complicated; they are not great for reservations, and obtaining them can take a while, as not every network offers them.

Use Prepaid Gift Cards

Another recommended way to buy things anonymously online is with prepaid gift cards. Prepaid gift cards are excellent as they do not contain any ID or payment credentials, so you are completely anonymous if you buy them in person with cash and not online.

Generally, prepaid gift cards are easy to purchase, very simple to use, and incredibly anonymous. On the other hand, they are not a widely accepted payment method. As a result, prepaid gift cards are good for buying things anonymously online and a useful budgeting tool, as you can not spend more than the amount you’ve deposited.

Use Cryptocurrencies

If you didn’t know it already, one of the main reasons cryptocurrencies were even developed and created in the first place was for them to be used as anonymous payments. So while cryptocurrency is in itself complicated, using it to pay for things online is relatively simple.

When someone hears the word crypto, the first thing that pops up in their mind is anonymity, and they provide privacy in a way that no third party is involved in transactions. One of the main reasons cryptocurrency payments are not as popular worldwide is because their value changes significantly, so people do not feel it is safe to turn “real money” into, for example, Bitcoins, and rightfully so.

Make Sure to Be Connected to a VPN

No matter which online payment method you opt for, the most important thing is that when you make payments online, you ensure that you are connected to a VPN, as your transaction will be safe and sound because your internet traffic is encrypted.

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that buying stuff online is not as risky an activity as it may seem. However, you should definitely take precautions before entering any personal data on shopping websites; otherwise, a cybercriminal might get a hold of your data and steal your card details.

Finally, plenty of VPNs are available online, but it is highly recommended to only use a VPN from trustworthy and reputable VPN providers such as Le VPN. Check the VPN Christmas promo and buy anonymously online.



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