Using a VPN for Safer Online Shopping

Using VPN for Online Shopping

Think shopping online is safe and secure in all situations? Think again. The increasing sophistication of hackers and other internet criminals has made it very difficult to keep your financial information safe. You may be accessing a fake website designed to look like Amazon, eBay or PayPal. Even reputable sites don’t always use the most secure authentication protocols, leaving your personal data vulnerable. Finally, there’s always the risk of your password getting hacked. One look at the many high-profile data breaches that have occurred in recent years should be enough for an accurate picture of the risks you face.

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What Is a VPN?

Your IP address contains a wealth of information that hackers and unscrupulous online retailers can use to uncover your credit card numbers, PayPal account information and other personal financial data. A VPN – or virtual private network – creates a secure connection that protects you when shopping online. Using one is easy, requires no additional hardware and can be done from any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. Simply sign up for the service, install the software or app, and shop as you normally would.

When to Use a VPN for Online Shopping

To ensure your safety, always use a VPN:

  • When shopping at a new site for the first time
  • When connecting over a public or unsecure Wi-Fi network
  • When traveling in a foreign country or other unfamiliar location

Even if you’re shopping at a reputable online retailer that you use frequently, a VPN can provide peace of mind and let you know your information is safe.

Other Benefits

Another advantage to using a VPN is that many providers allow you to route your connection through an international server. This lets you access websites that would otherwise be blocked by a firewall. Say, for example, you live in the U.S. but are visiting friends overseas. You remember something important you need for your home and want to order it before you forget. A VPN routed through an American server can give you full access to the U.S. Amazon site, so you can place your order without any problems and have it waiting for you when you get back.

If you’re wondering how to shop online in other countries, a VPN can provide access to PayPal in countries where it is blocked. As of 2016, this includes Pakistan, Iran and many others. Using a VPN, you can route your connection through a server in a nearby country, so you can check on a payment or shop on eBay freely. This makes international shopping with a VPN a safe and smart option.

What Is the Best VPN for Online Shopping?

Not all VPN providers are the same. In addition to being slow and error-prone, many free VPN services can actually increase your risk of a security problem. For the best in speed and security, choose Le VPN. We use the most advanced encryption protocols available and have more than 800 international servers available for unparalleled convenience. Our service is compatible with all operating systems and mobile platforms and, with our all-inclusive pricing, choosing the best package for your needs is easy.

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