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How To Hide Your IP Address

Why Hide Your IP Address Users prefer to browse anonymously on the internet. The main intention is privacy. It also makes the user more secure on the internet. There are different ways using which you can hide your IP address. Although, the four most common methods to hide your IP are listed below, a VPN

Understanding The Criteria Of Twitter Censorship

Twitter has always promoted itself as a free speech, social media platform. But these days twitter is being extra cautious. Accounts are being suspended. Twitter censorship is becoming stricter. Key examples are a suspension of the account of Alexandra Brodsky. Brodsky is an activist and research fellow. The account of Maiol Sanaüja has also been

Le VPN To Curb Cyber Crime

Viruses, malware, data thefts, hacking are common these days. We all know cyber crime is on the rise. There is a need of stringent steps to curb these crimes. A number of countries are taking active measures to put an end to this menace. Kenya And Australia Against Cyber Crime Kenya: Among African countries, Kenya

Do Not Fall Prey To Tinder Scams

Apps that are used for dating are fairly common. One of the widely used dating app is Tinder. The most common and the biggest problems with this apps are the Tinder scams. It is important that the individual does not fall prey to these scams. However, as per reports and statistics, there is a constant

Watch CBS Online With Le VPN

With the advent of video streaming we can watch television on the go. There is no need to rely only on the television. You can now watch your favourite shows online as well. Make use of your laptop or your smartphone as a television set and watch TV on the go. You can also watch

Watch Season 6 Walking Dead with Le VPN

There are a number of popular foreign television shows which audiences love to watch again and again. It is not that only comedy and suspense rules television world. Programmes like the Walking Dead also won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. For a seamless experience, use Le VPN to watch season 6

Why You Should Use VPN While Traveling

Traveling, The Internet And You As summer gets into full swing more and more people will be traveling on vacation. This, like all things in life, will be aided by your phone, tablets and laptops. It goes without saying you will probably want to check emails, you may have some work to do, there will