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Le VPN Blog

March 30, 2020

Quarantine Shoppers are a Scammer’s Dream

Staying in quarantine is the best way to prevent any further spread of the Covid19 pandemic. But, while we are safe at home from the virus, other dangers lurk from the shadows of the internet. Scammers, hackers, and other shady people...

February 24, 2020

In-Game Abuse: Is There a Cure?

Conflicts online, especially in gaming, have become a hot-button topic in the last few years. But, with so many talking heads eager to push their political agenda through the issue, real features of in-game abuse are often forsaken....

February 17, 2020

Smart Home Security: Protect Your Castle

Protecting your residence is one of the core duties of any homeowner. And, with the rise of digital threats to the place where you live as well as the people who live there with you, smart home security is becoming ever more popular....