Apple Joins Argument Against Proposed Security Law

Apple Joins Argument Against Proposed Security Law

In a rare move from the Californian tech giants, Apple joins argument against proposed security law in the UK that could see the security of millions affected. The UK government plan to approve and move on a law that would greatly increase the investigative powers of governments as well as law enforcement agencies. The bill would significantly weaken encryption, and not only allow governments more control but ultimately compromise millions of innocent citizens.

Apple are concerned as the changes would affect their own services, iMessage in particular, as it would allow agencies to eavesdrop on messages. In a submitted proposal to the bill committee on Monday, Apple requested certain amendments in order for online security to remain in tact. The company explains that weakening encryption would mean weakening security for hundreds of millions of users in order to weaken the small few who would pose a threat.

The argument for online privacy and security has long gone on and with no solution in sight, with both sides presenting solid arguments over what and who would be protected. Apple also go on to say that in this day and age of ever increasing security threats, companies should be free to implement strong encryption in order to protect their customers. If the bill passes, then it only means hackers will have an easier time in accessing unauthorised data. Essentially it will create more situations like the Talk Talk and Sony Pictures breaches. Those who are supporting the bill have claimed that it does not weaken security but in fact fortify security whilst giving authorities more control over monitoring potential threats, and neutralising them. Opposers say that by giving backdoor access only means the bad guys have potential access too.

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