Anti-Censorship Site Targeted By Hackers

Anti-Censorship Site Targeted By Hackers

Online censorship has always been a problem in China, with the government restricting its citizens from accessing the true freedom of the internet. But there are more and more ways popping up for citizens to bypass this restriction and allow users to access restricted websites. One such method has seen organisations like provide those in China a method of accessing such sites that have been deemed inappropriate and ‘politically sensitive’ by the Chinese government., the anti-censorship site targeted by hackers, have been hit by denial of service attacks, also known as a DDoS attack. This kind of attack is not easily remedied or preventable as it is effectively just an incredibly high number of traffic attempting to access the website. It has not been confirmed who was behind the attack but it is thought to be the Chinese government as the attack coincides with Chinese authorities publicly condemning the group.

The damage to the website is reportedly costing over $30,000 a day in bandwidth charges, and with nothing in place to prevent these attacks, all they can do is hope that the DDoS stops. If you are in a country that heavily censors web content, such as social media or news sites, then by using Le VPN you can easily bypass these restrictions and access the full freedom of the internet. Sign up today and enjoy a secure internet connection from wherever you are in the world. As well as being able to switch IP addresses from anywhere in the world means you can easily watch region restricted content.



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