Algerian Test Taking Nightmare

Algerian Test Taking Nightmare

Can you imagine what it would be like to live for a few days without social media? Well, it’s an issue that’s happening right now in Algeria, and while social media has its benefits, it also has benefits that are unethical yet still utilized.

Algerian authorities have briefly blocked access to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites to try to quit cheats posting high school exam papers on-line.

After details were shared over social media thousands of high school students were retaking part of their baccalaureate exams. The reduction in social media is related to the partial baccalaureate examinations which are currently happening.
The block exists to protect pupils in the publication of fake documents for these examinations. Access to the internet through the 3G mobile network also seemed to be disrupted when this happened.

Before this month, authorities said police arrested dozens of individuals, including officials working in national education offices and printers, within an investigation into how parts of the 2016 high school tests were leaked to social media.

How a VPN Can Help

Did you know that with a VPN you can unblock a ban like this?

VPNs are widely used in companies to access systems remotely by people from the standard LAN used to get the network. An individual usually uses a VPN for security when he or she can’t trust to safeguard advice that is significant from others, mostly because that information is encrypted by VPNs.

Everybody should use a VPN to keep personal accounts and other info far from others that will attempt to obtain it. A VPN to protects private info from unwanted vulnerability. Users gain from VPNs because their information may be used on any network they access at any time when they go without an encrypted one. Your information is protected with a VPN. If you need to use public access channels habitually to get on the web, a VPN can provide satisfaction for you.

Another neat thing about VPNs is that they enable users to see their favorite shows from anywhere on earth. Thus, you never need to lose a beat when you travel.
VPNs normally demand remote users be authenticated and use encryption techniques to prevent disclosure of information that is private. VPNs provide security through tunneling security procedures and protocols including encryption.
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Last updated June 21, 2016



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