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VPN for iPad

 Encrypted mobile VPN connection for maximum security in WiFi hotspots and on public networks
 Full support of 4G/3G/GPRS mobile Internet connections
 Free and easy to use Le VPN app for iPad
 Fast server selection in 114 countries and one-tap connect
 Access to geographically restricted iOS apps via a VPN getaway
 Unblocked social media apps in censored countries
 Multi-protocol support for iPad: IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP
 Stable VPN connection for highly restricted networks via multiple OpenVPN ports
 Unlimited switches between servers and protocols for maximum flexibility


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Why Use a VPN to Access the Internet From Your iPad?

iPad users expect a level of safety and security when browsing the web. However, even with the latest Apple products, there is still a significant risk involved in connecting online through an unfamiliar Wi-Fi network. Many iPad owners unknowingly risk their identity and their data security by sharing confidential information over a coffee shop, hotel or airport network.

Using a VPN is the best way to keep yourself safe when you’re browsing the Internet. Le VPN’s iPad VPN software is fast, easy to install and instantly delivers the following benefits:

  • Privacy

Le VPN uses the same encryption algorithm used by the NSA to send top-secret data. VPNs also disguise your IP address, making it impossible for outsiders to monitor the websites you visit, your search history or your emails. With the increasing prevalence of online surveillance, VPNs have become an invaluable ally to anyone concerned about their privacy online.

  • Confidentiality

Likewise, if you deal with confidential intellectual property, industry secrets or other privileged information, the additional security that comes with a VPN lets you know your data is safe. Our iPad VPN app is used by professionals in healthcare, defense, law and other industries where confidentiality is essential.

  • Security

Ultimately, the more private and confidential your online connection is, the better protected you will be against threats. Data loss and identity theft can have expensive consequences. For as little as $4.95/month, Le VPN provides additional insurance against these possibilities.

  • Freedom

Whether you’re visiting a country where government censorship is common, or simply want to Skype with your friends and family over a more secure network, Le VPN’s iPad VPN software gives you the freedom to connect online without worrying about being monitored.

  • Access

With servers in more than 114 countries, Le VPN can help you bypass geographic firewalls that limit your access to foreign media. Have you ever tried to watch the latest viral video only to learn that “this content is not available in your region”? A VPN is a workaround that can be used anywhere, anytime.

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