Amazon Files for Title Trademark ‘AmazonTube’

Amazon Files for Title Trademark ‘AmazonTube’

YouTube is one popular video streaming website. In case you are unable to access YouTube in your area, proxy Youtube is the solution. People are switching from television to video streaming. Smart TVs and such gadgets are gaining popularity. One such gadget is Amazon’s FireTV stick, which allows to stream web to television sets. Whereas, its Amazon Show is a touch-screen smart speaker.

What Is AmazonTube?

Along with the internet content, users can even streamline YouTube videos on FireTV and Amazon Show. However, amidst the ongoing rivalry between Google and Amazon, Google pulled out its YouTube from Amazon’s platform on December 05.  

Amazon has filed a title trademark for “AmazonTube” and “OpenTube.” In simple words, AmazonTube is Amazon’s YouTube version. It will offer non-downloadable videos. By the time the new Amazon service is operational, you can keep yourself entertained with YouTube’s online content. In case you are unable to watch Youtube content due to geographical restrictions, proxy Youtube will come to your rescue.

Why A VPN?

A VPN is the Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, VPN routes your location to different places. This allows you to stay secure online. A VPN makes it impossible for any operator to trace your original location. For the smartest VPN service, you need to connect to Le VPN. So, when you use proxy YouTube with Le VPN, no one will be able to trace your whereabouts.

Le VPN Unblocks Youtube

While accessing proxy Youtube, Le VPN, in particular, is smart enough to relocate your location to a place that permits YouTube.  Hence, you gain secured access to all kinds of videos through your private network. Using Le VPN is hassle-free. It adds convenience to your experience without any risk to your data and device.  

Le VPN For Proxy Youtube

It is obvious that once AmazonTube is active, you get a wide range of movies, songs, TV series, reality shows, etc. At present, YouTube is the biggest video streaming website. However, what if you are traveling and unable to watch YouTube from your location. As already said, proxy YouTube is the best solution. Similarly, you can use Netflix VPN  to access Netflix anywhere.

Many times, certain nations impose a ban on some contents or websites. This ban is due to various reasons. So, in case YouTube is inaccessible in your location, opt for proxy YouTube. Just use a proxy YouTube through Le VPN’s VPN servers in 100+ locations. And hide your original IP address.

Easy And Affordable

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