Russia: new “anti- terrorist” laws targeting blogs

Russia: new “anti- terrorist” laws targeting blogs

The lower house of the Russian Parliament adopted on April 22nd several laws strengthening the control of the authorities on blogs, thus empowering the ever stronger Russian internet censorship as well as the penalties for ” mass disturbances ” , a common charge for various opponents.

After several readings, the Duma adopted a law requiring blogs to fulfill the same obligations as media, in a series of “anti- terrorist” laws.

According to this text, any blogger whose site receives over 3000 visitors a day should report to Roskomnadzor, the supervisory authority of the media, and keep all data for six months.

Bloggers, who must publish their name on their website, should also verify the accuracy of their information and indicate an age limit adapted to the visitors.

Through this law, Roskomnadzor, which blocked  access to several sites showing critical information against the Kremlin in March, is to compile a list of the most popular blogs. These blogs will have to comply with their new obligations within ten days not to undergo fines that can go up to € 10,000.

This text also strengthens the powers of the Russian Federal Service of Security (FSB, former KGB ), including facilitating searches of people suspected of wanting to commit crimes or acts of terrorism.

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