OpenVPN installation on Android

OpenVPN installation on Android

We recommend to use Le VPN for Android application to quickly find the necessary Le VPN server and easily install it on your device.


1) Install “OpenVPN for Android” application from this link:

OpenVPN for Android

2) Download your OpenVPN configuration files received in activation email.

3) Unzip the archive if necessary and copy files to your SD card

4) Insert your SD card to your smartphone

5) Run “OpenVPN for Android” app on your Android

6) Tap on folder/import button

7) Navigate to the folder with your OpenVPN configuration files on your SD card

8) Import all of the configuration files including cert.p12

9) Go back to the “All your precious VPNs” list

10) Tap on the VPN profile of your choice

11) Once it shows “CONNECTED,SUCCESS,10.x.x.x”, you are successfully connected

OpenVPN configuration files

You can download OpenVPN configuration files using the links below:

OpenVPN port UDP 53
OpenVPN port TCP 80
OpenVPN port TCP 443
OpenVPN with HybridVPN

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