PPTP Installation on iPhone, iPad & iPod

We recommend to use Le VPN for iOS application to quickly find the necessary Le VPN server and easily install it on your device.

NB:PPTP is not supported in iOS 10 and newer. Please use L2TP instead.


1.Choose “Settings” from Main Screen.

2.Choose “General”

3.Choose “Network”

4.Choose “VPN”

5.Choose “Add VPN Configuration”

6.Choose “PPTP”

Description: Le VPN  (or whatever you want to call it)

Server: uk.le-vpn.com(for the UK server), fr.le-vpn.com(for the French server) etc for other countries…
You can find the full list of servers here.

Account: “your username”


Password: “your password”

Encryption Level: “Auto”

Send all traffic: ON

7.Save these settings and connect.


1.Choose “Settings” from Home screen.

2.Switch VPN to “ON”.

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Installation instructions for other devices