Facebook Accused of Spying on Citizens

Facebook Accused of Spying on Citizens

In a privacy lawsuit looking to cause the social media giant a few headaches, the data regulating body in Belgium has Facebook accused of spying on citizens. A court in Belgium is listening to the case bought forward by the BPC, the Belgium Privacy Commission, who are accusing Facebook of not just spying on their own users, but even those who are not part of the social media network. They are accused of ‘trampling’ over both European and Belgian privacy laws by tracking logged out users for advertising benefits.

Facebook have hit back at the claims denying any wrongdoing and that the findings presented in the report are false. The case is reminiscent of Edward Snowden’s revelations involving the mass surveillance and spying on citizens by the NSA. The BPC are suing Facebook for $280,000 a day for failing to respond to the demands laid out. Facebook argue that their practises are not illegal and they are fully abiding European privacy law, more specifically their actions are governed and audited by the Irish data protection agency, as Facebook’s European headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland.

This isn’t the first time Facebook have come under fire for their policies on privacy. The growing number of disgruntled users have become disillusioned and frustrated over how Facebook track users and target people for advertisements. The fact that it is almost impossible to actually delete your account only highlights how Facebook operate their social media platform in relation to user’s privacy. The case is ongoing with no resolution in sight.

If you are concerned about your online privacy, whether your personal data or online presence, there are steps to take in order to protect yourself. Of course, by signing up to Facebook you lose control over what remains published and shared, so the best course of action is to take care in what information is posted. Never give out addresses, phone numbers, credit card details or any personal information that you don’t want shared. This applies to photos you upload as well, the moment you share pictures is when you lose control over them.

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