Black Friday Le VPN Deals – Up To 60% Off! - Le VPN

Black Friday Le VPN Deals – Up To 60% Off!

Black Friday Le VPN Deals – Up To 60% Off!

Black Friday is approaching and this only means one thing; huge savings and deals. To celebrate Black Friday, Le VPN is giving users the chance to subscribe for as little as $3.95 a month, that’s a huge 60% saving off the usual price. This exclusive offer will run through the weekend and ends on Sunday, so don’t miss out!

In addition to the huge savings with subscriptions, Le VPN is also teaming up with to run a competition to give a chance to one lucky user a free one year subscription to Le VPN. If you are unsure as to whether you should use a VPN, then here are the many benefits of using one:

The biggest and most important aspect of using a VPN is the security side of it. Protecting yourself online should be a priority for anyone that uses the internet. Whether you work from home using the internet all the time, or even just a casual browser who only uses Facebook, online security is crucial for everyone. Whenever you connect to the internet, no matter what you are doing, you are sending information out, information that could be intercepted by someone else. This is especially important with unsecured networks, such as coffee shops, airports or even hotels. A network which anyone can access could also be used by hackers to snoop on your activity. By using a VPN you can easily mask your online presence and encrypt your connection.

Another aspect is censorship and various regional restrictions that can exist on the internet. If you happen to live in, or just visiting a country, which restricts its internet, you will find that some websites will be blocked. By using a VPN, you can easily bypass this restriction by connecting to an IP address, anywhere in the world, which will be the equivalent to physically being in that country. So if you’re in a country that restricts access to social media like Facebook, then by simply connecting to a US IP address, you will be able to access Facebook as if you were actually in the US.

Le VPN can also be used on multiple devices, anything that allow you to connect to the internet. So if you travel with just your tablet, then Le VPN can be used on that to protect you and unlock the true freedom of the internet just the same as your home computer or laptop. Le VPN also simultaneous connections with up to two devices at once, so wherever you are in the world, no matter what device you use, make sure you stay protected.

So to make the most of this amazing deal while it lasts, sign up to Le VPN today and save up to 60% off the full year subscription.

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