The best free travel apps

The best free travel apps

When you prepare to visit another country or plan to travel around the world, you need a bit of organization, isn’t it? And if technology can give you a little hand, it is even better! Here are the best free travel apps to use:

1. Getting around

voyage app: this is the greatest app that allows you to use geolocalisation and to create itineraries at any time, even when you do not have any internet connection. Beware that you will first have to download the maps of the countries you need, before going for your itinerary. Once done, no need of Wi-Fi connection, you have the right to get lost wherever you want.

If you want to go from London to Bangkok, or from Sydney to Brisbane but you cannot decide on the means of transport to choose, this is the app for you. Rome2rio compares all the transportation means which are at your disposal (even including walking) and gives you the time and cost of each transportation mode.

2. Hotel Booking

• Agoda Travel App: One of the best apps to book, or check the availability of hotels, hostels and B &B in Asia. This app offers great deals but you still have to negotiate the rates once you are on the spot.

• Booking travel app: no need to present Booking anymore: it is a reference for booking hotels, thanks to its ratings, comments from other travelers and preferential rates.

• airbnb travel app: if you want to immerse yourself in the local life of the country in which you are going, you will love Airbnb. The app is very efficient, super easy to use and allows you to easily find a place near where you are.

3. Flight booking

• skyscanner app travel: This is one of the best sites to compare flight online, whether it is for traveling in your country or internationally. Special discounts are reserved for application’s users, so therefore sometimes you have even better rates than if you use your computer at home before you leave.

4. Budget Management

• xe currency travel app: where to avoid the headache of conversions. This app allows you to make conversions in all currencies, with an updated exchange rate (if you have internet Wi-Fi).

• Tripcoin travel app: a very good app to manage one’s budget. You can fix a total budget and / or budget per day for each country visited, sort out each expense (hotels, food, transport …). This aggregator is very complete with its graphics but is available for IPhone only.

• toshi finance travel app: it is a bit less thorough than tripcoin but a bit more user friendly. You can easily enter your expenses by country, by type of expense and send your outcome on to your mailbox. This app is very reliable.

5. Communication

• Skype Travel App: when you travel, staying in touch with your loved ones is very important. With Skype, you can call all over the world without any problems with anyone who has a Skype account and you do not need a package or 3 / 4G access!

• whatsapp travel app: another effective way to stay in touch and it is very simple. You can exchange pictures, messages, calls, everything is possible and free with those who have also downloaded the app. Ideal for travelers.

• duolingo travel app: If you want to learn the language of the country, Duolingo offers you to learn a lot about many languages with small daily exercises.

6. Saving your pictures

• google drive photos app travel: when you are on holiday, you can make millions of pictures to keep all your memories. To avoid losing them, store them in the cloud. You will have access to it from anywhere and your photos will be safe. This certainly requires some Wi- Fi internet access to transfer everything from your camera to the “cloud”. Know that the first 15 Gigas are free.

7. Bypassing country’s censorship and staying safe in public WiFi places

Le VPN app: secure your mobile devices and all the data they send and received while you are connecting to open WiFi networks in an airport, cafe, hotel or coffee shop. Happen to go to China, Vietnam, Cuba, Turkey or any other country with strict censorships laws? You’ll need a VPN to bypass their censorship firewall and access your favorite websites and social media. Le VPN app does all of that!

When you travel and you are using travel apps, go for Wi-Fi with passwords for added security, and use a VPN service   which can hide your identity and protect your privacy so that you and your data are safe.

Le VPN is the best VPN for travel, even when using unprotected Wi-Fi. Indeed, Le VPN encrypts the user’s Internet connection with a powerful military encryption system that no one can hijack your internet connection. Try Le VPN now from only $4.95/month and with a 7-day money back guarantee!



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