Apple Declare Victory Against FBI But Fight Continues

Apple Declare Victory Against FBI But Fight Continues

With the long and drawn out battle between the FBI and Apple over encryption, an end to the case has been found but it isn’t quite as simple a victory. As Apple declare victory against FBI but fight continues as the war of privacy vs security carries on. After the case was bought before the Supreme Court, it was almost inevitable that the FBI would win, forcing Apple to remove the encryption on the iPhone that belonged to the San Bernardino shooter, who along with his wife, was responsible for the deaths of 14 people.

But since the FBI have announced that they have been able to remove the encryption themselves, without the help or permission of Apple, it goes against what the organisation has claimed previously. The FBI took Apple to court over the issue as it claimed that it was not possible to remove the encryption and to gain access to the iPhone without their help. The FBI have not disclosed how they managed to remove the encryption and to access the data on the phone, but it goes to show that they were simply trying to get more access to encrypted phones, potentially compromising everyone’s personal data and privacy.

Apple have announced they will continue fighting for everybody’s privacy and security, they say that everyone deserves data protection, privacy and security. If these factors are lost in the name of national security, then it will only put millions of people in jeopardy the world over. With Apple wining the battle against the FBI, at least a dangerous precedent has not been set, in which the world of security and surveillance will reach dangerous levels.

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