Netflix Moves Into Original Films

Netflix Moves Into Original Films

Online streaming giant Netflix has announced plans to venture beyond original TV shows and begin greenlighting and producing original feature films on their online streaming platform. This move is sure to send shockwaves through the film industry as now filmmakers have an alternate platform in order to showcase new films, many deemed too risky by the conventional studio system. As Netflix moves into original films, we might see a shift of power in Hollywood, as well as a refreshing new batch of original films.

There is a very good reason why the majority of major films these days are no longer original; whether they are remakes, reboots or sequels, is because they are safe bets. Studios now don’t like taking risks on ideas that might not work, so original films that would be passed on by studios can now have a second chance in getting produced, in the form of Netflix. The current model for Netflix is perfect for newcomers and writers/directors with original ideas as the decline in movie theatre tickets results in studios taking less risks on original films.

This October, Netflix hopes to branch out by releasing Beasts of No Nation by Cary Fukunaga starring Idris Elba. The film has received positive praise from critics but there is no telling if the film would translate well into mainstream success. However, releasing on Netflix as well as a limited theatre run, there is virtually no risk. The safety of a Netflix release means that the producers of the film still receive a paycheque regardless of ticket sales, as well as the exposure leading to awards. Aside from Beasts of no Nation, Netflix plan to release Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Green Legend, the sequel to the Oscar winning film back in 2000.

Netflix looks only to be getting bigger and better, with more and more original TV shows being made, which is attracting a new breed of writers and filmmakers. So to make sure you don’t miss out on any brand new show or film, sign up to Le VPN and take your Netflix account wherever you go. If you are abroad on holiday and wish to sign into your Netflix account, you might find you won’t be able to access the library from back home, due to regional restrictions. With Le VPN, you can simply change your ‘location’ to that of anywhere in the world, allowing you to watch any Netflix library in the world.



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